What’s for Dessert?

Tonight, dessert is eating straight from a Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s tub of Tonight Dough and last night, it was a mid-week apple and rhubarb crumble (making the most of rhubarb being in season right now!)

I’m the type of person who has a separate stomach for dessert, the one who always checks the dessert menu first and then plans my order in reverse and the one who on more then one occasion has ordered one of each dessert on the menu because, if not why not!

If there’s chocolate molten or anything salted caramel on the menu, then Mr ELG knows it’s a given. But I also have a sweet spot for pavlova, banoffee pie (my sister makes the best one!), chocolate mousse, apple tarte tatin, bread and butter pudding, pecan pie and an affogato. I also love a line of Whittaker’s chocolate, a bite sized chunk of rocky road and port wine jelly. And if I’m making dessert, then it’s anyone’s guess but there is ALWAYS dessert in this house (if necessary, this is in addition to a cheese board!).

My sister’s banoffee pie

Yesterday I spotted the PERFECT recipe book for me on the shelf of The Cookery Book aptly named “What’s for Dessert?” Plainly, it was talking to me. The Cookery Book is the most divine book store dedicated to cook books. I’ve lived in and around this location for decades and my daughter even went to the school opposite it for a few years, but for whatever reason I never went in. So it was a serendipitous time to go in yesterday and immediately discover this beauty that I can’t wait to get into page by page. At first glance, there are so many desserts that a) make me salivate just looking at the photos and b) I can’t wait to test out!!

So the burning question I will leave you with is, who’s coming over as I plan for tomorrow’s dessert!!??

Notes on May

I’m no fortune teller but as the mornings feel crisper and the sun slips between the shadows faster, these are my May predictions:


  • I’m on this thing called “gardening leave” at the moment and one of life’s loves is reading recipe books. I have lots of them even after culling often. I used to work for a book publisher so that could be the culprit (or not) because in any case, I find myself still accumulating them. With this unexpected time on my hands, it gives me more time to cook new recipes and old favorites, experiment and source ingredients, test and taste so friends, please come round as I also love nothing more to feed people (or Alfie) who love to eat.
  • Ramen. As Sydney settles into Autumn and the Vivid ads start to really emerge (May is that month when Sydney literally lights up), I’m on the hunt for the best ramen. I have my usual haunts but with my free days, I’m keen to taste and explore knowing very well it will be likely a solo effort as it’s not a fave for Mr ELG but I sense there’s some new spots that have popped up that I’ve yet to find.
  • Porridge. Ever so warm that it almost burns your tongue. Topped with caramelized walnuts and poached cinnamon apple slivers. Maggio’s, Laneway, Ellie May’s are all fine Cammeray cafes in their own ways, yet it is the somewhat tucked-away Cammeray Cafe that lured me in this morning solely for its porridge that’s not on the blackboard menu but as someone who goes there often, knows to ask for it anyway. You need a bit of time as it’s made on demand but it’s a love that warms the heart and mind on a Monday.


  • Last week, this Sarah Wilson podcast was shared with me and I was introduced to this concept of red threads and “tilting”, as explained by renowned researcher Marcus Buckingham. The entire 50 minutes really resonated with me. The idea is that if we embrace chaos and tilt towards these red threads, then this energy strengthens us, bringing heightened joy and love, throughout our lives and enables us to thrive (& not just survive). Last night, I downloaded his book to my kindle and am excited to read “Love + Work”. People often make comments to me and observe that I say yes and do lots of things, that my life is chaotic and question how I find the time… I don’t have a concrete answer for them but listening to the podcast and reading the opening chapters of this book is the closest I’ve ever come to defining this life of mine.
  • This morning I read a post that a colleague had written on LinkedIn. She had recently been to a Gabby Bernstein event where she learnt that “the universe will never give you anything you cannot handle”. Inspiration for my Monday and what’s getting me going right now are Dr Seuss quotes, mantras and manifestations and discovering loose red threads
  • Happy skirt. In one of my posts last week, I referred to my love of pink and how the psychology of colour can influence my mood and mindset. Now I hear it’s called Dopamine Dressing and while I’m not sure if that particular ‘label’ describes it, I do know that when I put this particular Frankie’s Melbourne skirt on, the vibrant ombré colour palette, the tulle texture and swing of a ruffle energizes me every.single.time so why wouldn’t I intentionally do something that brings me joy! It needs no ironing so it’s always packed in my luggage and I absolutely love it!
Said skirt rolled & packed for Abu Dhabi trip.
Christmas Eve delights with Joe!


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who decides where to go

Dr Seuss

Go in this blog was typically meant to be about destinations (reference to new restaurants, shops I’d found, places I’d been to) and it still will be as my energy to discover knows no bounds. But go right now in my life is more than ever about the journey. With this priceless time, I’m reflecting, reading, getting cosy in the pause. I’m being picky whilst saying yes and choosing where to put my energy. I’m enjoying being able to do school pick ups and love a carpool karaoke sesh with the kids. I’m baking more, bingeing on The Last Thing He Told Me (because I loved the book by Laura Dave) and catching up on Ted Lasso. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and wandering through Christmas markets in Prague so will end this post here to do more of just that.

Pâté and the pescatarian

I love pâte. Foie gras too and any other names it may be called.

I try not to think too much about what it’s made of and have only ever questioned the specific origin of liver when I was in the Hunter Valley and the restaurant tried to mask goat as chicken. If you’re wondering, they don’t taste the same and the plate was sent back to the kitchen pronto for trying to pull the wool over our eyes on that one!

Pâte is one of those things that if it’s on the menu, with warm brioche or dry crackers, then it’s an immediate order. If I had a preference, I love a duck and Grand Marnier combo.

I was invited to a lovely lunch at Bar Totti’s today. As Merivale restaurants go, this is a winner and if it was just me and Mr ELG, there would be a few things I’d order immediately; cue the wood-fired bread, chicken liver parfait, burrata, and a Totti’s Margarita or two but as a guest, I was happy to go with the flow and eat whatever! As we discussed any food intolerances, I became aware that my two other fellow lunch buddies were both pescatarians (a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish).

Chicken liver parfait and a Totti’s margarita.
Nom nom nom

The food came out quickly (love a quick service) and to my surprise, a plate of Totti’s chicken liver parfait came out. Lucky me, I thought. So, there I was… mid-conversation helping myself to generous amounts to spread on my warm wood-fired bread when all of a sudden, my pescatarian lunch buddy takes some chicken liver parfait for herself. Ummm??! “I make an exception only for this chicken liver pâté”, she sheepishly says. And yes, after a good laugh, we agree that it is that bloody good to turn a pescatarian.

Burrata and the warm wood-fired bread


A pink odyssey; all 40 shades of it!

Flamingo, Carnation, Neon, Magenta, Bubblegum, Rose, Baby, Taffy, Hot, Salmon, Fuchsia. That’s 11 shades there. Personally I lean towards Neon pink and “40 shades of pink” was my theme for that milestone year. That particular party had fuchsia pink candles lining the long dinner table, bubblegum pink bubbles on top of the cocktails, a glorious pink cake by Stacy Brewer and Mr ELG still dons his Flamingo pink chinos every now and then and they always make me smile.

Mr ELG and his flamingo pink chinos!

But in terms of colour psychology, my attraction to and love for the colour pink knows no bounds. It’s the colour that always catches my eye first and brings me joy, reflects my mood and adds a certain pop to the buttercream colour or the Louboutin heels I’m wearing (above) or adds colour to the baked salmon I’ve whipped up with a smattering of pomegranate seeds.

Recipe Tin Eat’s Christmas salmon

Pink Odyssey however is actually the name of a painting that I commissioned in the year I turned 40. I had never ‘commissioned’ before but learnt that that’s what one does if you have something specific in mind and so that is what I did. La dee dah darling!!

Luckily for me, I knew the perfect artist and we crossed paths in the 1TB class pick-up line where playground conversations moved to pink dahlia creations and the rest is history. The artist’s name is Tracy Gosling (find her on Instagram here). I am proud to know her as an amazing friend and am in awe of her incredible talent as an artist.

When Tracy hand delivered the finished painting to me, I remember the moment of reveal in great detail. There were gasps, shrieks and silence, wow and wonder as there before me was a single dahlia painted in all of its hot pink fabulousness. One single flower has been painted with depth and movement, and is a great reminder of joie de vivre, echoing the dahlia’s true meaning of devotion, love and dignity. I stare at the painting where it hangs in my office and often get lost in its beauty and in the stillness.

Tracy and I

I saw Tracy this morning and asked her if she remembered the name for my painting. “Pink Odyssey”, she said without hesitation. Aptly named for the endless experiences I have with my 40 shades of pink and everything in between.

Friday LOVE ❤️

Happy FriYAY!! These delights were part of my retail therapy this week from a Fitzroy vintage shop and they are me to the max!!

It was instantaneous love when I saw them and perfect for a Friday. Actually perfect for whenever, wherever. Ok I’ll stop singing Shakira now! Enjoy your day. XOXO

Slingshot to Singapore

Gin, cherry brandy, Cointreau, angostura bitters, pineapple juice, lime juice, Benedictine liqueur and lots of ice. Shaken vigorously and served with mint leaves for garnish. Add a bowl of raw peanuts (in shell) and you’re basically in Raffles courtyard or Long Bar if you don’t mind a queue. Optional steamy weather doused with high humidity if you really want to recreate the scene but under Sydney’s rain clouds today, I’ll settle for the cocktail as described above especially as it’s always 5pm somewhere!!

I love a good cocktail and when ‘in Rome’ or rather Singapore, a Singapore Sling is a must-do! Preferably ordered at the iconic Raffles hotel, synonymous with its classic British colonial architecture and just under a fortnight ago, this was me… happy in happy hour living my best life.

Since our Aussie borders reopened post pandemic, Singapore (known for its Crazy Rich Asians) has been an on repeat, go-to destination of mine (I even featured in a Qantas travel insider clip…enticing people to go eat chili crab!) and from my recent trip, I am excited to report back that there are less masks, more “lahs” and so many escapades to be had!!

Tash tips:

1. Go Hawker Style! Singapore has so much variety in its food pickings. You just need to look up, stay curious and have an open mind (otherwise you could easily eat Shake Shack every day!) Singapore is a place where you can just as easily get a $1.30 tray of char kway teow (yes that is me eating my rice noodles off brown paper on the floor totally enjoying it) to a $1,300 plate of premium grade wagyu (I didn’t order this) with everything in between. On our last night, we made it to Lau Pa Sat whipping up our own shandys (sprite and tiger beer) to drink with our 200 chicken satay sticks under the festive lights on Robinson Street.

$1.30 deliciousness

2. If it’s your first time or fifth time, do the touristy things and see them through a different lens each time. Be amazed by Gardens by the Bay and weirdly feel like you’re in Avatar surrounded by giant tree structures, pay the (redeemable) $30 at Cé La Vie and ride up the 57 levels of Marina Bay Sands (day or night) and marvel at how everything looks like Lego pieces because you are up so high. Singapore is seriously a feast for the eyes in every way possible!

$12 to walk around the trees

3. Buy the “Chicago” popcorn from Garrett (so grateful there was one at Changi airport T1 departures) Don’t overthink it as the salty and sweet combo is sooo good… literally cheese and caramel popcorn pieces combined. Yes, I had a nanosecond delay too before nodding my head to purchase. Seriously new love affair.

So, whilst I go and get my shaker to mix up a few more Slings, please share any of your Singapore faves in 🧵. XOXO

Press restart

This is my first post in over a decade. I’ve often thought about writing again and got distracted but at 2am this morning, I thought it’s time.

I started this blog just before I had my first child and as of Saturday, he was officially a tween! It was designed to be a side hustle, a penny for my thoughts, a place for me to share all the details on the colours and tastes, sights and skies. A merry-go-round of experiences!

So, if this is your first time here or you’re returning for the ride, my name is Tash and 12+ years later, I now have two kids and a labradoodle. I live harbour side in Sydney, Australia and am married to a gorgeous man (Mr ELG) who secretly wishes he was sunning himself on Beso Beach off the coast of Spain. And despite the pandemic, the verbs that define this blog still occur all.the.time.

So let’s press restart, follow me and keep reading as I eat, love and go (snapped in Tokyo, February 2023 because who doesn’t love the happiest place on earth!) as I sign off á la Gossip Girl (a longtime love) with a big fat XOXO

My summer of salads on Paleo

Just at the end of October last year, there was one word everywhere. Paleo. People were talking about it, people were on it, I was reading about it and boy are there so many blogs about it. A friend was in my ear about it and her sales technique was rather effective; “You can eat meat, chicken, seafood, fruit, vegies, nuts and seeds. But no wheat, added sugar, carbs or dairy.” Seemed simple enough and it was. In the 6 week lead up to a day dedicated to my love of pudding, custard, ham, turkey, mince pies and basically the kitchen sink, Mr ELG and I committed to the Paleo diet. If you’ve read any of my past posts, you will know I am not one to diet (apart from the 21 day wonder diet pre wedding). Food is just too damn good to give up which is why I believe this Paleo diet does wonders for me and Mr ELG. By Christmas day, I was minus six kilos and Mr ELG was looking damn fine having shed 12 kilos.

I am proud to say that Christmas day lived up to all of my foodie fantasies and travels thereafter took me to Melbourne where I was eating fresh grilled lobster and sipping champagne on new year’s eve, to Main Ridge where I was plucking plump strawberries off the vine, to Balnarring where I was chowing down dried fig and gorgonzola pizza at Ciao Bella and finally to the Portsea pub where a glass of Paringa Estate Pinot Noir made me ever so thankful that I was lapping up my summer days; living to eat.


So this week I am back to the grind, back to the rat race and back to Paleo. The silly season is over and the coast is clear, free from dangling carrots of snacking here and sipping there. It’s by no means a new year’s resolution because again I have no patience for those goals but I am resolute to be fit, be free, know tone and have boundless energy to run after a soon-to-be-terrible-two year old.

And so today and tonight has been coloured by my summer of salads. Sticking to the rules and guided by the refreshed energy of a new year; I feel like a kid with pack of pencils about to colour in way outside the lines.

Armed with a fridge full of fresh food, these are the last two salads I have whipped up from scratch getting rave reviews from Mr ELG and having him go back for seconds. And lastly, I hope you’re also enjoying a fabulous summer; living to eat!

Lunchtime salad

1 packham pear (chopped), 1 handful walnuts (chopped), 1/4 cup cornichons, 1/2 Spanish onion (finely sliced), 1/2 Lebanese cucumber (chopped), 2 cups rocket leaves, 1 handful grape tomatoes, 2 shallots (finely sliced), 1 x 300g chicken breast (poached and sliced), 1 handful continental parsley (chopped). Mix a dressing together of a good lug of extra virgin oil, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 heaped Tbsp of Dijon mustard.

Combine all ingredients and enjoy the lunchtime crunch. Serves 2.


A salad for tea and throw in a barramundi too

2 x 250g barramundi fillets, 1 lemongrass stalk (white bit chopped), 1 handful coriander (chopped), 2 garlic cloves (crushed), 1 tsp fish sauce, 1 Tbsp Tamari sauce, juice of 1/2 lime, 1 Tbsp olive oil. Combine all ingredients in a zip-lock bag and marinate for 30 minutes.

1 mango (diced), 1/2 red capsicum (thinly sliced), 2 cups baby spinach leaves, 1 handful grape tomatoes, 1 shallot (thinly sliced), 1 Tbsp sesame seeds, 1 Tbsp Tamari sauce, 1 Tbsp lime juice, 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Combine all ingredients.

Pan fry barramundi for a couple of minutes on each side. Skin should be crisp and caramelised. Serve with salad and sprinkle some extra sesame seeds on your barra before serving.

New year; old love

Le Tarte de Tatin de Tomate, corn fritters, Eggs la Mer with THE potato roesti, grilled lobster and scallops in shells. Not to mention fish and chips and all of this just in the last 48 hours.
It’s been a while since I posted.
Too long to count. I honestly thought that going to a Secret Foodies gig in October would kickstart some love. Not that it wasn’t great. Actually it was awesome and Miss Darlinghurst herself is onto something niche.
But what’s got the music started is my endless love for Melbourne.
A new year. An old love. And the best part has been to discover the city all again through the eyes of my 20 month old son…Running through Fern Gully in the Botanic Gardens, wandering through the senses-inspiring South Melbourne markets, walking through the streets pointing at trams and sifting warm sand through our toes. Lots of eats, plenty of gos and so many loves.
Tomorrow I’ll be traveling south to Rosebud – somewhere never ventured. Can’t say I’m not sad to leave but I know I’ll definitely be back. So here’s to more holiday and a brand new year to eatlovego!



Love a whole lot of ME time


Two hours ago I had a layer of clay lathered all over my skin as one part of the Rapt treatment at Endota Day Spa in the Hunter Valley. Jaime, my therapist, was halfway through telling me that clay draws the toxins to the skin when I think I switched off and realised I was smack bang in the midst of ME time and had another 24 hours to go.
Mr ELG and I have escaped the Sydney madhouse for a night away from MM. Our first full night away and while it’s only taken a couple of hours to realise I no longer need to tend to the every whim and need of a 13 month old child, I admit why didn’t I do this sooner!!
Driving down the F3 I just loved being able to have a full adult conversation, listen to music in peace, eat a bowl of soup while it’s still hot and most of all succumb to a 2 hour body treatment where the focus is solely ME!
So now I sit here in front of a smoldering fire with two warm scones to nibble on complete with a peppermint tea, mulberry jam and vanilla bean cream. I have the latest issues of Luxury Travel and Masterchef magazine to flick through and another two hours of blissful ME time whilst Mr ELG undergoes the same relaxing 2 hour body treatment at the hands of Jaime.
I now look forward to a yummy dinner where I don’t have to ask if there’s a high chair available and sleep which ends with a sleep in past 7am.
And finally I love having a sister who MM can stay with and become one of the gang with her other kids whilst mum and dad can spend time just being us.