love a lot of things. There are no boundaries or limitations.

love Christian Louboutin shoes, Venice, Dyptique and Carthusia perfumes, caramel slice (my recipe of course and thanks Michelle), tan Coach leather bags, singing in the shower, Paris, fresh flowers around the house, Burlesque, 24, brioche, Audrey Hepburn, Bobbi Brown make-up, the Sydney Antique Centre, Alicia Keys, magazines, ribbons, black and white photos, the colour pink, Chinese tea, Autumn coloured leaves, young Coconut drink, weekends away, Pho, Jan Logan jewellery, Steig Larsson’s trilogy and Suvana lip balm. And most of all I love Alisdair and Felix.

I dedicate a love of a particular white and blue tube to my best friend Fi.

If someone asks me what’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of sweetened condensed milk, I would say camp. At school camps, my friends and I use to smuggle extra tubes of Nestle’s sweetened condensed milk into the bush and either for an extra sugar hit or just because, the lid would be quickly screwed off and contents squirted into the mouth, in copious amounts of course! More recently I have had cans and tubes of the sticky and somewhat caramelised substance stashed in drawers and in the pantry. No, I am not secretly still squirting, hidden behind the pantry door but instead, pairing it with another staple and behold, my new love. A couple of squirts of sweetened condensed milk stirred into hot chai tea is bliss. The caramelised stickiness complements the vanilla spices of chai and trust me, try this one and you will not look back!

I love crisp royal gala apples paid for in an honesty box. I love how spontaneous this is, its randomness and that there are honest sods like me around who just love apples. Or honey for that matter but that’s another post altogether and takes me back to my adored Daylesford. On the topic of apples, I love Bramley apples and have sad moments that they are not readily available in Sydney to buy and make the best apple sauce from. And finally, I just love cider and when in Bristol (yes, I am talking about Avon-Somerset-UK-Bristol), it’s a must-go to Coronation Tap for the best cider ever. Full-stop.

As you can see, there are no themes or grouping my loves together. You might call it random love. But they are my random loves.

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