When I have spare time, I often go for a wander down William Street, Paddington in Sydney. Located off the main Oxford Street drag it is home to quaint jewellery and lingerie boutiques and is a renowned treasure trove for lovers of overseas designers such as Marni and DVF. It is also home to my beloved Sami and Sita whilst Collette Dinnigan, Ginger and Smart, Tigerlily, the Corner Shop and another love of mine, Di Nuovo also call this street its home. On one end it’s manned by Paddington Inn and located at the other end is the great people watcher cafe/deli Alimentari. Walking on William Street today, I looked up and noticed something new. With the street’s overhead electric wire resembling more a clothes line in someone’s back yard, Nudie jeans were hanging up to dry directly above the store. I loved its randomness and subtle yet brash branding. A tiny Sydney street suddenly turned into a tourist attraction and I noticed a couple of Japanese tourists clicking away on their digital SLRs at this abstract view on such a usually eloquent street. Love Sydney at this moment!

If money grew on trees and there was no such things as 7.10am alarm clocks and work suits; a question I would ask myself each morning is “Where should I go today?” I am often parched and have a thirst to discover and this paired with a good dose of get up and go makes for lots of adventures that I either happily do solo or with my man or friends.  Going somewhere is often determined by an actual location (be it a new restaurant, new store, new market etc) and other times I call it random direction where I purposefully go for walks to find out about new areas and find myself lost and then found. I may come across as one type of person who loves a bit of fine-dining-silver-service-new-place-to-be but never like to pigeon hole myself for long as I often surprise myself.

So come along for the ride and go to the many places I will go to through my eyes, tastes, images and ultimately words. Lose yourself in a place where there is no time to waste but enough time to discover.

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