What’s for Dessert?

Tonight, dessert is eating straight from a Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s tub of Tonight Dough and last night, it was a mid-week apple and rhubarb crumble (making the most of rhubarb being in season right now!)

I’m the type of person who has a separate stomach for dessert, the one who always checks the dessert menu first and then plans my order in reverse and the one who on more then one occasion has ordered one of each dessert on the menu because, if not why not!

If there’s chocolate molten or anything salted caramel on the menu, then Mr ELG knows it’s a given. But I also have a sweet spot for pavlova, banoffee pie (my sister makes the best one!), chocolate mousse, apple tarte tatin, bread and butter pudding, pecan pie and an affogato. I also love a line of Whittaker’s chocolate, a bite sized chunk of rocky road and port wine jelly. And if I’m making dessert, then it’s anyone’s guess but there is ALWAYS dessert in this house (if necessary, this is in addition to a cheese board!).

My sister’s banoffee pie

Yesterday I spotted the PERFECT recipe book for me on the shelf of The Cookery Book aptly named “What’s for Dessert?” Plainly, it was talking to me. The Cookery Book is the most divine book store dedicated to cook books. I’ve lived in and around this location for decades and my daughter even went to the school opposite it for a few years, but for whatever reason I never went in. So it was a serendipitous time to go in yesterday and immediately discover this beauty that I can’t wait to get into page by page. At first glance, there are so many desserts that a) make me salivate just looking at the photos and b) I can’t wait to test out!!

So the burning question I will leave you with is, who’s coming over as I plan for tomorrow’s dessert!!??

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