Press restart

This is my first post in over a decade. I’ve often thought about writing again and got distracted but at 2am this morning, I thought it’s time.

I started this blog just before I had my first child and as of Saturday, he was officially a tween! It was designed to be a side hustle, a penny for my thoughts, a place for me to share all the details on the colours and tastes, sights and skies. A merry-go-round of experiences!

So, if this is your first time here or you’re returning for the ride, my name is Tash and 12+ years later, I now have two kids and a labradoodle. I live harbour side in Sydney, Australia and am married to a gorgeous man (Mr ELG) who secretly wishes he was sunning himself on Beso Beach off the coast of Spain. And despite the pandemic, the verbs that define this blog still occur all.the.time.

So let’s press restart, follow me and keep reading as I eat, love and go (snapped in Tokyo, February 2023 because who doesn’t love the happiest place on earth!) as I sign off á la Gossip Girl (a longtime love) with a big fat XOXO


  1. Elle · April 18

    nice one tash x


  2. jojoryall · April 28

    Hi Tash what a read you have a fabulous way with words. I couldn’t stop reading. You should write a book. Best Wishes with your blog.💕💕Jo

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