Tuesday buzzz

Tuesday’s crave: a Chocolate milkshake

Milk, chocolate flavouring, sometimes ice-cream all shaken together. Some are thick, some are runny, most are frothy. Love the ones served in the tall metal glasses – so American diner. Pretty simple to concoct yet so often, many places get it wrong and don’t measure up to my standards.

I’ve always been a chocolate milkshake girl. I occasionally strayed to caramel when I was growing up but I was NEVER a strawberry or banana fan as I couldn’t stomach the sickly sweet fake taste. And vanilla is just too plain jane.

When I was pregnant it was a Wendys flake shake that satisfied the craving. Sweeter than I remembered, it always hit the spot with the chunky flake pieces floating through and still so thick that you have to swap between a straw and spoon to finish it off!

So where was I on Tuesday getting my chocolate milkshake fix?

Buzzzbar on King Street in Newtown. Their milkshake ticks all the boxes. Good size, thick enough without crossing over to a thick shake, creamy, flavoursome and not too sweet, frothy and cold, ice cold. And for $5.50 – it’s a bit of a bargain for a whole lot of buzz.

Buzzzbar @ 349 King Street, Newtown 2042

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