Putting pen to paper

Call me old-fashioned but I love to receive mail. Not email but snail mail that arrives directly into my letterbox. I almost get a little bit of a thrill when amongst all of the boring bills, I spot an envelope that does not have a clear plastic window of computer generated letters but instead a beautifully penned scrawl or scribble of my name and address.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that I am one of those organised types to have a collection, pile, stash – whatever you want to call it – of stationary-on-the-go for the birthdays, thank-you and numerous celebratory moments in life and let’s not forget for those just-because times. Because just as I love to receive snail mail, of course I love to send it too. I admit that I have never been a fan of Hallmark penguin cartoon cards but much prefer black and white photos, quirky quotes, matte colours, prints of old French advertising posters and individual designs. The final touch is the feel of good quality stock between my fingers.

It helps that my sister Michelle sells Phoenix cards so my pile of stationary stock is never too low but other loves include frequent Saturday visits to Papier D’Amour and Paper Couture, sometimes to buy but more often to browse. This year when my man and I were organising our wedding invites, I fell in love with the look of Mr Boddington, a bespoke design house based in New York. And just recently I was introduced to Zed and Bee – celebrations on paper. An Aussie design house led by two girls I went to school with and I immediately loved their use of colour and texture. To finish off this adoration to stationary, I leave you with Shutterfly. They made our wedding thank-you cards of which I have just finished writing each of the personal notes to our guests.

And so to the letterbox tomorrow I go hoping to receive a nice looking envelope of some sort…please.

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