leave Thailand and go down the Corridor

Newtown used to be a lunchtime haunt for me as I used to wander up King Street after morning classes at Sydney Uni. Back then lunch was more often at the Green Iguana and then time would pass and I would end up with cheap cocktails at Kuletos. Years later, the Green Iguana has been replaced by a Mexican restaurant, Kuletos still stands strong and Newtown has become Thailand without needing a passport to get there. On Thursday night, I must have walked past five restaurants in a row that were Thai, not counting the three opposite across the road and ones further down King Street. Not only is there restaurant after restaurant but also a large Javanese furniture shop where I am sure you could even buy a knick knack and give it to your mum as a souvenir of your recent travels. Outside of Thailand, Australia has been a massive support to the fragrant and colourful food that we have come to know as Thai and it’s my guess that most people would now know what Pad Thai is as much as they would know what Spag Bol is.

With no desire to go to Phuket last week for dinner, I instead found myself in Corridor – a new pocket rocket bar which has moved into Newtown. Off the back of a recommendation from Bridgie, Corridor turned out to be a two level, more on the tiny side wine bar that also served finger food and more substantial meals, if required. Far removed from the cheapness of Kuletos and sticky carpets of the Marlborough, Corridor was a welcome surprise and similar to a wine bar you might find in Melbourne’s laneways, Surry Hills or Darlinghurst. Wines were mid-range in price therefore leaving behind the student feel you come across in many other Newtown haunts and dinner was tasty with a mix of both pub-style food and tapas-style food available to order.

Corridor was a bit of a gladiator-sandal for me. Trendy, hip, begging to be seen yet comfortable. Go to Corridor with friends. Sit upstairs on the Terrace or what feels like your loungeroom with big armchairs and a busy street view. Leave your suitcase at home, drink and eat local. Jetstar will have cheap flights again next week.

Corridor @ 153A King Street Newtown, Sydney NSW 2042

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