Moroccan Morning Glory in Surry Hills

OK, yes I realise this is my second Moroccan-inspired post this week and I am feeling a third post coming on as I ate at Souk in the City on Friday night but I will leave that for later.

I love Sundays as more often than not there is time to get creative in the kitchen and make more than a piece of toast before rushing out the door. And I love when I look at a recipe and discover that I don’t have all of the correct ingredients so am able to improvise and see what the result is. Inspired initially by a recipe in Made in Morocco, 20 minutes later and the result was Moroccan morning glory. This recipe serves two lucky ducks.


1 cup orange juice

zest of a lemon

1 Tblsp olive oil

2 Tblsp slivered almonds

3 tsp cinnamon and

3 ripe figs sliced thickly

1 cup instant couscous

2 Tblsp greek yoghurt

3 Tblsp honey and more to drizzle

2 slices mountain rye bread

1 Tblsp fresh mint (torn into pieces)


Preheat grill to high. Combine orange juice and lemon zest in a small pot and bring to the boil. Add honey, 2 tsp cinnamon and whisk to combine. Put couscous into a small bowl and pour hot liquid over it. Cover bowl immediately with a tea towel and leave for 10 minutes. Put almonds on baking tray and grill for 3 minutes (watch carefully as they can quickly go very brown). Set aside and mix through couscous. Place mountain bread under grill. Spray lightly with cooking oil spray and grill for 2 minutes. Sprinkle remaining cinnamon over grilled bread and break into squares.

Fluff couscous with a fork and put two equal amounts onto each serving dish. Put one dollop each of greek yoghurt on top. Place figs on top of yoghurt and scatter mint over this. Drizzle with remaining honey and serve with mountain bread on the side.

Alisdair scored me a 10/10 on this piece of morning glory…enjoy!

One comment

  1. maz · March 28, 2010

    that does look awesome especially with figs coming in for autumn. I wonder if i can convince dave to try making this instead his banana pancakes…


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