Gentleman prefers brunette

Tonight will be one of those rites of passage; a once only, a night to look back on probably with a really nasty hangover trying to decipher where did I go, what did I eat, did I really do that dance on that street?

Tonight is my hens and I am three weeks away from declaring my undying love to Alisdair and passionately shouting I do! The girls threw me the dress code gauntlet two weeks ago of hunting down a “1950s Glamourpuss dress in RED”…..pretty please.

Hmmm, I thought. I immediately hit up Grandma Takes A Trip, C’s Flash Back, Zoo Emporium… the usual vintage offenders on Crown Street, Surry Hills I often go to  in order to rustle up some inspiration. If I had been asked to wear Electrifying 80s in fluoroscopic pinks and limes I would have been in Dynasty and Dallas heaven with too many shoulder pads to even comprehend. But waisted, hourglass Marilyn Monroe dresses were no-where to be seen. Enter Coco Repose, a somewhat hidden gem on the corner of Nichols and Fitzroy Streets in Surry Hills.

Coco Repose is one of those serendipity places which takes you back in time when ladies got dolled up for no reason and wouldn’t leave the house without gloves and pearls on. Ladies had their hair set and sprayed and fascinators were not just worn to Derby Day. Marilyn’s dress was blowing up over a grate, there were cats on hot tin roofs and Grace and Cary were thrilling audiences in Hitchcocks’s To Catch a Thief. Females looked like little women and Men admired them for doing just that. Coco Repose was the best destination to find the perfect hens outfit! Amanda styled and pearled me up to a tee. I tried on dresses in cherry, tomato, sunset orange, romantic lace and sexy satin. Hats were tried that were closed, opened, round, felt and flowery. Questions were posed just on the subject of gloves – to go virginal white or daring black; short or long?

Final purchase: a cherry red satin wiggle dress, a cherry red felt fascinator with bobbles, short black gloves, black suspender and sexy seamed stay-ups and velvet pointy black stilettos. Marilyn, eat your heart out as my gentleman prefers brunettes.

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  1. Jess · March 23, 2010

    LOVE this Tash 🙂


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