A pink odyssey; all 40 shades of it!

Flamingo, Carnation, Neon, Magenta, Bubblegum, Rose, Baby, Taffy, Hot, Salmon, Fuchsia. That’s 11 shades there. Personally I lean towards Neon pink and “40 shades of pink” was my theme for that milestone year. That particular party had fuchsia pink candles lining the long dinner table, bubblegum pink bubbles on top of the cocktails, a glorious pink cake by Stacy Brewer and Mr ELG still dons his Flamingo pink chinos every now and then and they always make me smile.

Mr ELG and his flamingo pink chinos!

But in terms of colour psychology, my attraction to and love for the colour pink knows no bounds. It’s the colour that always catches my eye first and brings me joy, reflects my mood and adds a certain pop to the buttercream colour or the Louboutin heels I’m wearing (above) or adds colour to the baked salmon I’ve whipped up with a smattering of pomegranate seeds.

Recipe Tin Eat’s Christmas salmon

Pink Odyssey however is actually the name of a painting that I commissioned in the year I turned 40. I had never ‘commissioned’ before but learnt that that’s what one does if you have something specific in mind and so that is what I did. La dee dah darling!!

Luckily for me, I knew the perfect artist and we crossed paths in the 1TB class pick-up line where playground conversations moved to pink dahlia creations and the rest is history. The artist’s name is Tracy Gosling (find her on Instagram here). I am proud to know her as an amazing friend and am in awe of her incredible talent as an artist.

When Tracy hand delivered the finished painting to me, I remember the moment of reveal in great detail. There were gasps, shrieks and silence, wow and wonder as there before me was a single dahlia painted in all of its hot pink fabulousness. One single flower has been painted with depth and movement, and is a great reminder of joie de vivre, echoing the dahlia’s true meaning of devotion, love and dignity. I stare at the painting where it hangs in my office and often get lost in its beauty and in the stillness.

Tracy and I

I saw Tracy this morning and asked her if she remembered the name for my painting. “Pink Odyssey”, she said without hesitation. Aptly named for the endless experiences I have with my 40 shades of pink and everything in between.