Notes on May

I’m no fortune teller but as the mornings feel crisper and the sun slips between the shadows faster, these are my May predictions:


  • I’m on this thing called “gardening leave” at the moment and one of life’s loves is reading recipe books. I have lots of them even after culling often. I used to work for a book publisher so that could be the culprit (or not) because in any case, I find myself still accumulating them. With this unexpected time on my hands, it gives me more time to cook new recipes and old favorites, experiment and source ingredients, test and taste so friends, please come round as I also love nothing more to feed people (or Alfie) who love to eat.
  • Ramen. As Sydney settles into Autumn and the Vivid ads start to really emerge (May is that month when Sydney literally lights up), I’m on the hunt for the best ramen. I have my usual haunts but with my free days, I’m keen to taste and explore knowing very well it will be likely a solo effort as it’s not a fave for Mr ELG but I sense there’s some new spots that have popped up that I’ve yet to find.
  • Porridge. Ever so warm that it almost burns your tongue. Topped with caramelized walnuts and poached cinnamon apple slivers. Maggio’s, Laneway, Ellie May’s are all fine Cammeray cafes in their own ways, yet it is the somewhat tucked-away Cammeray Cafe that lured me in this morning solely for its porridge that’s not on the blackboard menu but as someone who goes there often, knows to ask for it anyway. You need a bit of time as it’s made on demand but it’s a love that warms the heart and mind on a Monday.


  • Last week, this Sarah Wilson podcast was shared with me and I was introduced to this concept of red threads and “tilting”, as explained by renowned researcher Marcus Buckingham. The entire 50 minutes really resonated with me. The idea is that if we embrace chaos and tilt towards these red threads, then this energy strengthens us, bringing heightened joy and love, throughout our lives and enables us to thrive (& not just survive). Last night, I downloaded his book to my kindle and am excited to read “Love + Work”. People often make comments to me and observe that I say yes and do lots of things, that my life is chaotic and question how I find the time… I don’t have a concrete answer for them but listening to the podcast and reading the opening chapters of this book is the closest I’ve ever come to defining this life of mine.
  • This morning I read a post that a colleague had written on LinkedIn. She had recently been to a Gabby Bernstein event where she learnt that “the universe will never give you anything you cannot handle”. Inspiration for my Monday and what’s getting me going right now are Dr Seuss quotes, mantras and manifestations and discovering loose red threads
  • Happy skirt. In one of my posts last week, I referred to my love of pink and how the psychology of colour can influence my mood and mindset. Now I hear it’s called Dopamine Dressing and while I’m not sure if that particular ‘label’ describes it, I do know that when I put this particular Frankie’s Melbourne skirt on, the vibrant ombré colour palette, the tulle texture and swing of a ruffle energizes me every.single.time so why wouldn’t I intentionally do something that brings me joy! It needs no ironing so it’s always packed in my luggage and I absolutely love it!
Said skirt rolled & packed for Abu Dhabi trip.
Christmas Eve delights with Joe!


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who decides where to go

Dr Seuss

Go in this blog was typically meant to be about destinations (reference to new restaurants, shops I’d found, places I’d been to) and it still will be as my energy to discover knows no bounds. But go right now in my life is more than ever about the journey. With this priceless time, I’m reflecting, reading, getting cosy in the pause. I’m being picky whilst saying yes and choosing where to put my energy. I’m enjoying being able to do school pick ups and love a carpool karaoke sesh with the kids. I’m baking more, bingeing on The Last Thing He Told Me (because I loved the book by Laura Dave) and catching up on Ted Lasso. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and wandering through Christmas markets in Prague so will end this post here to do more of just that.