My treasured constant, courtesy of Koukii

After my beautiful heartfelt proposal that I received from my man in Venice last August, I became conscious that not long after I was consistently looking at the hands (mainly the left) of women I passed. Some were friends, some were strangers I walked past on the street but I couldn’t help but notice and take in what they were wearing as a sign of marriage or engagement. Most of these women had a ring on their left hand (due to the historic Roman tradition that the vein in the third finger on the left hand leads directly to the heart) but then some also wore a ring on the right hand. Some were plain gold or silver bands, some were eternity style with diamonds or other gem stones going the whole way around the band and some were quite ornate with engraved inscriptions or symbols. Some women wore their engagement ring with the wedding band and others just wore the one ring. Ultimately this all contributed to the research I was undertaking in order to choose what I would wear and what would have the most significance with me.

The ring that my man chose and proposed with is a unique Jan Logan piece. A white gold princess cluster bordered by a pave setting best describes it however unlike a lot of other rings I have seen, the setting sits flush against my finger. At the time of purchase, Jan advised my man that for a wedding band the options were to cut into the engagement ring for a wedding band to sit alongside or for the wedding band to be worn alone. Both of these options did not sit well with me as post many hand observations; I concluded that I never wanted to take my engagement ring off however I also did not want to cut into it either so at that stage, the solution had not yet presented itself.

Enter Adina Jozsef also known as Koukii Designs.

As a bride to be last August; it was extremely easy to get caught up in the wedding whirlwind that is in itself a juggernaut of an industry. It only takes one bridal magazine to sweep you up and be bombarded with everything and anything to do with weddings and for most weddings, a checklist of tasks arises for you to tick off before the big day. There’s finding the venue, sourcing the dress, flowers, photographer, rings…the list can go on for lengths. I was incredibly blessed to be able to go to close friends for both my photos (Nat Swainston) and rings (Adina Jozsef). Both parts are extremely important to get right as after the day has breezed by the photos colour your memories and the rings are the constant following the vows.

Working with Adina on our wedding rings made finding the solution a memorable journey. Adina has been making jewelery since she was 8 years old and this passion has continued well past this young age. Her creations and designs are unique show-stoppers and her love for what she does is extremely evident. Each detail is executed with care and precision and with each piece, a little part of Adina is engraved and embedded inside. Adina not only did the wedding rings for my man and I, but also designed the gifts I gave to my bridesmaids and flower girls on the day.

My wedding rings are the only thing that I don’t leave home without. I might forget to wear my watch one day or leave my phone behind but my rings are a treasured constant in my life and a beautiful reminder of the commitment that my man and I made to each other on April 10.

Thank you Adina.